Philosophy On Writing

On a snowy Thursday in Syracuse, one of my favorite writing professors shared with his students his method of keeping himself on track while writing. He said that over his desk was a piece of paper inscribed with the following:

1. Clarity
2. Brevity
3. Euphony

These words, he said, hung above his computer as he put to paper the articles that would appear in the nation’s best magazines and the first words of what would become best-selling books. It reminded of him of the three considerations that should guide his writing. Smiling as he shared this secret, he gave each of us our own copy. Mine has adorned every desk I’ve had.

The essence of this philosophy is clear, brief, beautiful. And true. The elements of effective communication are universal. Good writing employs carefully chosen words with concrete meanings. It marries form and function in the truest sense—good writing tells a story, clearly and cogently, while using engaging language that is a joy to read.

Good writing is good writing, whether it appears in a magazine article, a press release, an e-blast… Read more.



Edward Bulwer-Lytton
Richelieu; Or the Conspiracy

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