Philosophy on Writing

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…Of course, each media and method of audience interaction carries its own implications and unique considerations, which are constantly evolving with technology and society. But communication that is clear, brief and beautiful is effective and enjoyable regardless of how it is distributed, and irrespective of how it is created.

I believe that my commitment to the integrity of the written word is at the core of my philosophy as a writer. I believe that everything I write—from a 50 word calendar blurb to a 2,000 word magazine feature – is inherently important, and deserves the best that I can give it. Communicating is an honor. I am still, constantly, awed and humbled when I am given the opportunity to communicate with other humans. It is a privilege that I do not take lightly. Every piece I write receives my full attention, and benefits from all of the experience and passion that I have to offer.

As a result of this commitment and passion, I continually strive to learn more about writing. I actively explore new methods of communication and seek to learn more about the ever-evolving field, particularly as it relates to the digital age. Web content must be written with a mindfulness of the opportunities and limitations inherent in the method. Newspaper content must be written with a mindfulness of its place in the information hierarchy of today. Press releases and newsletters must be written with a mindfulness of the intended audience and how the intended communication fits into the larger scheme of the consumer’s media experience.

Every piece I write is informed by these considerations. And every piece I write is founded in the belief that effective communication is essential, and universal. Communication is the core of human experience, and it is my greatest passion and pleasure to be a part of the dialogue.

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