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When planning a launch of a new website, or a redesign of an existing site, there are many important considerations. The site has to look sharp, it has to function intuitively and correctly, it has to offer interactive opportunities to the visitor. And it has to offer engaging, well-written, memorable and informative content.

Companies are growing to understand how essential their content is to a successful web site. In this great blog entry, 15 Key Elements All Top Web Sites Should Have, ‘Meaningful Content’ comes in as element #5.

“You might have a pretty web site which will catch someone’s eye, but if the content is no good, you can be willing to bet that they aren’t going to stick around.”

The article lists ‘A Solid About Us’ page as #6, which also ties in well to the concept of great content being central to an effective website. Visitors to websites want information. They want pertinent details, and they want them swiftly and logically. The web can be a sucking vortex of time, when information is hard to find, and today’s web users are more savvy and more demanding. They want the information they seek to be easily accessible, and useful once found.

A web writer plays such an integral part in creating a winning website. We can help companies develop an overarching, strategic content plan and then research, develop and create this content. A great web writer makes great content, and great content is a key element to success.

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