For the Love of Words

Most writers I know became writers because they couldn’t not become writers. The love of words, of communication, of expression manifested through the written word isn’t just a pleasure or a pursuit, it’s a compulsion.

And this passion is necessary if a career based on content is to be maintained. As anyone who’s opened a newspaper (or more likely, a browser window) lately knows, content producers and editors are being called upon to reinvent themselves, and their careers, to remain competitive. Going to journalism school no longer even remotely guarantees a job as a journalist.

So what’s a writer, a lover of words to do? Explore new horizons. Pioneer new fields. Continue to push the boundaries of how content is delivered—remember that once upon a time, printing newspapers on movable type was a revolutionary technology.

And best of all, this is fun. Writing for the web is a challenge, but it also contains opportunities for interactivity and dialogue that were impossible prior to the web.  This great blog entry, at the content strategy noob, explores how content strategy is an act of love.

“Content strategists love content. We love both its form and its substance. We love crafting and refining it. We love running our hands around its shapes and tasting its rich and subtle flavors. We love delving into meanings and relationships. We love finding new ways to say things—and finding new things to say.”

In this age, writing is about more than perching at Walden Pond and thinking deep thoughts (although find me a writer who wouldn’t jump for the change to spend a week writing at a lake!) It’s about becoming involved in new media, learning and exploring, expanding and growing what the written word can accomplish, and how it can change the world.

That sounds like something to love.

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