How Fresh is Your Content?

Sure, you know that your website needs to be updated frequently. New blog entries, new pressroom posts, new product descriptions, new client listings and new work samples are all important additions to the content of your website. But how often do you update, tweak and refresh your existing content?

This great blog entry on Ektron’s website brought the topic to my mind. Matthew Sullivan blogs, “It’s not just upcoming events, customer lists, or press releases you need to author, but you also need to consider the “freshness” of everything else. Product pages can easily stagnate after a launch or campaign. With a good content management strategy in place, you can continually update your product descriptions, and change page layouts.”

While initially this might seem like a daunting obstacle to overcome, it can actually be a huge asset and opportunity when viewed in the right light. When you’re creating a sculpture or a painting, at some point, it’s done. You step away and frame or exhibit or sell the work. But web content is never “finished.” Even when you have published a new blog or a web page, you can always go back and refine and update the text.

Have you ever created a print brochure or other collateral material, and ordered a large print run? It makes sound economic sense, but sometimes within a few months, the information is unexpectedly dated. Maybe it’s not necessarily  “wrong” but it isn’t exactly “right” anymore. Or perhaps, with new developments or initiatives at your company, the copy could be an even more accurate and engaging representation of your product or your company. But you’re stuck. You either continue working with the already printed material, or craft new copy and go through the entire printing expense again.

That’s the great thing about the web. It costs virtually nothing to revisit and optimize web copy that was already written. You can easily, as one of my favorite journalism professors liked to say, “Make good better.”

Fresh, current and engaging content not only satisfies the ever-evolving needs of the bots. New content keeps your readers, and your clients, coming back to your site as a trusted outlet where they can find the relevant information that the need.  And more readers and clients mean more business—well worth the investment of time to keep your content up-to-date and fresh.

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