Sharks & Kittens

shark kitten

What lessons does “Sharknado” have to offer about social media strategies?

How is Disney harnessing the magic of Responsive Web Design?

And why does a baby eat a kitten every time a link says ‘click here’?

Check out my posts on the Aztek blog to learn the answers to these questions, and so much more!

I’ll be blogging on my own website now, so be sure to check back often to read industry news and updates, learn about trends in content marketing, and discover how pop culture influences the world of web marketing. And maybe–just maybe– we’ll have a kitten meme or three.

Thanks for reading!

What sorts of topics would you like to see covered on this blog?

“Amelia is fighting with the plush shark again,” © 2013 Paulo Ordoveza, used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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