Strategizing Content

Writing effective, engaging web copy is a skill. A good web content producer has notable writing talent combined with passion for interactive communication and an understanding of the web medium. And just as you wouldn’t hire a plumber to do your hair, or ask your doctor to do your taxes, there is innate value in finding the right person to create your web content.

Content strategy involves more than just pretty writing. This burgeoning field, whose very nature is continuing to evolve and define itself, contains professionals who can not only write compelling copy for you, but assist you in crafting a strategic communication plan.

This spot-on blog entry discusses what five attributes a business seeking a content strategist should look for in potential candidates: a passion for content, editorial capabilities, familiarity and comfort with the principals of content management and databases, understanding of logic and communication skills.

I would add just one more concept into the mix. The best content strategists keenly understand and appreciate the challenges and possibilities inherent in web writing. A great producer of print content isn’t necessarily a great producer of web content. But if a writer has experience and training, along with an inquisitive nature and a willingness to learn and explore, they can create custom content for you that will surprise and delight you, and your readers.

A great writer can help you strategize so your content works for you.

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