Marketing Clips

Press releases

The Cleveland Institute of Art
CIA Announces Warhol Exhibition
CIA Announces Four Photo Events
CIA Announces 2008 Faculty Show
CIA and Case Western Reserve University Announce Two Authors
CIA Cinematheque Film Advisory
CIA Announces 2009 Spring Show
CIA Announces Coventry Creations

Something Dada Improvisational Comedy Company
Something Dada’s 15th Anniversary
Something Dada’s 14th Anniversary
Something Dada Announces New Performance Space
Something Dada Announces Auditions
Something Dada Announces New Schedule

Visible Voice Bookstore Announces Poetry Readings

Email communication/Newsletters

Something Dada Weekly Newsletters:
Something Dada – Your Only Defense Against Canadian Soldiers
Something Dada Welcomes Home the Collegians
Something Dada Bids a Stunned Farewell to Summer
Something Dada Tips Our Cap to Home Inspectors
Something Dada Celebrates the 4th of July – By Taking it Off!
Something Dada is Accordion Aware
Something Dada Stimulates Your Funny Bone
Something Dada: Laughing for Love
Something Dada: Raiding Your ‘Stache

The Cleveland Institute of Art E-Blasts:
CIA Brings the Wild Things to Coventry
Preview the CIA Warhol Exhibit

Link, The Cleveland Institute of Art alumni newsletter
Janez Smerdle profile

Other marketing materials

Cleveland Institute of Art ad for Creative Outlook Magazine
Responsible for concept, art direction and copy

Cleveland Institute of Art Events Campaign
A campaign to introduce new methodology for faculty and staff to alert the Marketing and Communications Department about events. Responsible for: methodology inception and implementation, collateral materials (informational card and pen) idea, art direction and copy.

Something Dada Donation Request Letter

To request additional work examples or more information, contact Tori.

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