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Cleveland Magazine

Personalities & Places
Tom Batiuk: Profiling the cartoonist behind Funky Winkerbean
Taste Odyssey: Cleveland’s popcorn balls make the trip to outer space
City Sidewalks: Where to take holiday guests to show off Cleveland
Dino Score: Local museum curator discovers a whole new dinosaur
Looking Sharp: A Clevelander is one of America’s best-dressed men
Sweet Romance: Packy Malley and his bride, and their chocolate wedding
Rachel’s Way: A local cook wins top toque in Rachel’s cooking contest

Arts, Entertainment & Lifestyle
Read Alert: An independent bookstore thinks outside the box
Singing ’60s: A chart-story face off between two ’60s musicals
Field Guide to Chimps: An urban safari, in pursuit of chimps
Confection Obsession: Chocolate covered Great Lakes Science Center
Past and Present: Local jewelry artist Lori Leavitt designs for the stars
Writing Wrongs: A stirring play about the healing of a refugee
Tabletop Art: Gina DeSantis throws out expectations with funky ceramics

Monastery: A short review of a spot where tea is transcendent
Pier W on Romance: Bringing the experience of Pier W to home dining
Apples, Apples Everywhere: Where to pick them, what to do with them

Blogs and Web

Cleveland Scene blog, C-Notes

C-Notes: Ohio Proud: A new sticker makes finding Ohio produce a snap pea
C-Notes: Mongolia: A Clevelander venturing to the plains of Mongolia
C-Notes: $13 at…Players: A good bet for fine eats for $13

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