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Tori writes and maintains this website, making it in a sense its own clip! Check our her blog by clicking the graphic on the right of this page.

Website Work

NASA’s Glenn Research Center Website

Ohio Astronaut Lands at Glenn
New Assignments, New Responsibilities Proposed for Glenn

Tiny Technology With a Big Heart

Building a Better Plane

Students Send Balloons to the Stratosphere

African Americans Throughout Glenn’s History

Making Medical Grade Saline in Space

Astronauts Test Glenn Exercise Harness

Metallic Foam Reduces Airplane Noise
Glenn Helps Ares I-X Soar

NASA’s Ares I-X Ready to Launch

Visible Voice Bookstore ‘About Us’ Page
The Cleveland Institute of Art website tiles
A Cleveland Institute of Art Promo Page
A Cleveland Institute of Art Promo Page

Blog Writing

The Cleveland Institute of Art
The Cleveland Institute of Art Blog

Cleveland Magazine
Cleveland Magazine blog: The Last Harry Potter Extravaganza
The magical mayhem of the midnight release of the 7th Harry Potter book

Cleveland Scene blog, C-Notes
C-Notes: $13 at… Fire: The best brunch $13 can buy
C-Notes: $13 at… Bier Markt: The best happy hour + eats $13 can buy
C-Notes: $13 at…Lola: The best lunch $13 can buy
C-Notes: $13 at… Flying Fig: The best dinner $13 can buy

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Email Communication

Something Dada Weekly Newsletters:
Something Dada – Your Only Defense Against Canadian Soldiers
Something Dada Welcomes Home the Collegians
Something Dada Bids a Stunned Farewell to Summer
Something Dada Tips Our Cap to Home Inspectors
Something Dada Celebrates the 4th of July – By Taking it Off!
Something Dada is Accordion Aware
Something Dada Stimulates Your Funny Bone
Something Dada: Laughing for Love
Something Dada: Raiding Your ‘Stache

The Cleveland Institute of Art E-Blasts:
CIA Brings the Wild Things to Coventry
Preview the CIA Warhol Exhibit

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