Journalism Services

The core of all journalism, whether a feature piece on dining or a breaking-news article, is commitment to truth. Tori’s work presents the facts in an engaging way.

Tori writes stories for both print and on-line journalism. She crafts each piece with a mindfulness of the specific challenges and opportunities of each of these media, as well as the specific needs of the targeted audience of each publication. Every piece that she writes is preceded by research to ensure she understands the needs of the project in terms of tone, intended audience, and intended affect.

From profiles to restaurant reviews, from news stories to blog entries, Tori can create a piece of journalism for you that will fit the tone of your publication and serve your specific needs. Whether the piece calls for an experiential undertaking, like kayaking the Cuyahoga or dining at the new hot spot, or extensive research and interviewing, she can aptly handle the challenge.

Please check out some of her journalism clips, and then contact Tori to send her information about your journalism project.

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